Purpose of Feeding America

Feeding America's mission is to feed the hungry of America via its nationwide network of food banks and to engage the people of the country in the fight to end hunger in the whole country. It follows a set of values that guide each of its actions and all of its planning in its battle to eradicate hunger.

They value and respect the inherent dignity and worth of each person treat everyone with compassion, equity and justice. Feeding America honors the concerns, stories and lives of people in need and expects the same of its partners. Its staff accepts one another's diversity of ideas and thoughts, which are encouraged.

Feeding of America maintains the public trust via its compassionate and efficient use of the resources that have been entrusted to them, mindful of the fact its mission is only accomplished because of the generosity of others. It communicates and maintains timely and accurate information on education, hunger research, service and advocacy. The organization accounts and evaluates on a regular basis how the resources are utilized to best implement its mission and achieve its goal of eliminating hunger.

Feeding of America believes in the power of collaboration at the community level therefore they strive to build long lasting relationships built on trust among those that have the same vision of eradicating hunger in America. They work at both the local and national levels to reach these goals which value the roles of each party involved and always use an honest and open process of communication. The organization is always seeking out and responding to the counsel and input of its partners.

Feeding America believes that the social, cultural and ethnic diversity that makes up America should be reflected in its board, staff and entire network. It acts with trust, honesty and openness and delivers on all of its commitments.


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